Born 1978
Caledonia Dance Curry (Swoon) who was born in 1978 in New London Connecticut is a street artist, specialising in a range of different natural materials on and to which she applies numerous differing painting and collage techniques. She is also prolific in pasting her street art on uninhabited locations such as factory buildings, abandoned warehouses, bridges and walls all around the world often featuring life-size portraits of people she knows or has met.

Famous or infamous for storming the Venice Biennale in 2009 with a thirty strong crew on a flotilla full of garbage from New York City she quickly became one of the most sought after artists and orators (TED) in the US and UK.

Her work has been shown in Moma and in the New Orleans Museum of Art.

In 2011 she held her first solo show in Soho London at Black Rat Projects and is currently exhibiting in the Brooklyn Museum of Art.