Art Uncovered advises on

  • Auctions… how do they work?
  • Galleries… how to approach them
  • What makes a good investment?
  • Valuations undertaken: Send me an image and details of your picture

Art Uncovered runs courses/educational tutorials in ‘art’

on learning about the world of painting including:

  • Where did it all begin?
  • Who is who?
  • Who were the Impressionists?
  • What is modern art?

And answers any other questions you may have. All courses are bespoke.

Michael has been successfully collecting for eleven years and has built up a solid relationship with many contacts in the major auction houses and galleries in London/Dublin/Paris/Brussels/Warsaw/New York and San Francisco.
He decided to increase his background knowledge in art by attending and passing with honours a two year Diploma course in ‘The History of European Painting’ at U.C.D. between 2009-2011.